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On the 25th June, Luke Engelbrecht of Kalbe Internatiional, South Africa visited KwaMhlanga and met with Ndabezitha Ayanda Manala Sibindi, of the Ndebele Kingdom, Ndabezitha Jan Funwako Mabhena and his Manala Makerana Traditional Council and Royal Family where they had the opportunity to give support back to the community by handing out Woods' face masks and sachets of Lozenges.


Woods' is a popular brand in South Africa, providing 100 year old solution to Coughs. It is a #householdbrand in most South African homes.


Luke Engelbrecht, Southern Africa, Country Manager, would like to thank Prince Ayanda Sibindi, Princess and Tom Sondlo of Alex FM for making this event possible.


They also had the support of celebrities,Mbonisi Mahonondo, Reuben Chaibva, Princess Nicky Pofu Mabhena who joined in and helped them on the day. We look forward to future collaboration, says Luke Engelbrecht of Kalbe International, South Africa.