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COVID-19 has forced businesses to re-think and do things differently.

Before Covid-19 hit, InstaEats, as a food guide, focused almost entirely on restaurants and had built a successful platform for advertising these restaurants. But now InstaEats has shifted its business to include any type of food being produced and delivered during lockdown and created a directory for these businesses.

 Now, with Level 4 controls in place, they have extended the InstaEats service to include restaurants that are offering takeaways.

While in the process of this shift, the InstaEats team realised that, while restaurants are struggling to survive, there was a growing need for food as unemployment and job losses affected the most vulnerable in society. They pledged to use their audience and platforms to create awareness around charities that were assisting these vulnerable people.

InstaEats has a dedicated slot at 7pm every night when they talk to someone currently doing remarkable work in the community, and any charity is able to join them during this time to be a part of the conversation, so InstaEats becomes an intermediary for those looking for assistance and those willing to assist.

Instaeats has also made its platform open to charities interested in doing a takeover of their account for a full day in order to showcase the respective charities’ amazing work.